biofilm dislcoser


With GBT we intend to eliminate all the Biofilm, also in the difficult to access areas. If Biofilm is made visible, it is removed much faster with GBT. What you see is what you remove. Color removal = Biofilm removal. Also on soft tissues. The users of hand instruments, rubber cups and “polishing” paste do not like to disclose biofilm as they would need  much more time to finish the treatment. The German Stiftung Warentest reported that the conventional prophylaxis only removes 50% of Biofilm in the difficult to access areas. Colored teeth and gums will also motivate the patient to do a better homecare – OHI.

Highlight to patients the disclosed biofilm and their problematic areas.
The color will guide the biofilm removal with AIRFLOW® PLUS
Powder. Once biofilm is removed, calculus is easier to detect.

  • Pre-soaked pellets for 2 tone biofilm disclosure.
  • Reddish for new biofilm - Blue for mature biofilm